Stroud Leadership Academy: Stroud Family’s and RACE the Opera’s Giveback Program to Underserved in USA, Brazil, Africa and the Middle East

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Imagine a world where everyone had an equal place at the starting line.


The Stroud Leadership Academy develops leaders of character with critical thinking, problem-solving and digital literacy skills, a passion for lifelong learning and an understanding of the psychology of change.

stroud leadership academy tim reid keynote address Nov 2022


TV Actor & Producer Tim Reid Delivers Keynote Address


The Stroud Leadership Academy in partnership with Osãi, will host the One Heart for Mental Health workshop, a USA – Angola exchange 10am ET Nov 21, 2022.


One Heart is a mental health awareness campaign that will assemble government officials, celebrities, healthcare professionals and the biz and tech communities from two nations, Angola and the United States of America.


Join us 10 am EY Nov 21, 2022 via Zoom.

Osai’s YouTube Live Link:

The Stroud Leadership Academy Story



I’m Frank Shines, grandson of Tandy Stroud and great nephew of Dolphus Stroud, scholar-athletes and entrepreneurs denied opportunities because of their race. Their father was born and grew up on a Texas slave plantation until he was 19 years old. Despite this setback, the first generation out of slavery went on to:




We hope that in the coming years when we hear the word “race” we will think of a “foot race” or the “human race”.



I have trained and competed with Olympic athletes, flown Air Force jets and traveled the world as an award-winning biz and tech consultant with IBM and EY.



But there was a time when I could not afford bus fare to get across town — let alone fly around the world. I felt the sting of poverty growing up with a single mother on welfare in Oakland, California. As kids, my sisters and I likely saw more tragedy in a year than most Americans experience in a lifetime.



With an empty pocket, a head full of dreams and an insatiable appetite for knowledge, ultimately I was able to earn a Presidential appoint to the US Air Force Academy (USAFA) in Colorado Springs where I studied management and engineering, learned to fly, and captained the men’s gymnastics team.



And it was here in Colorado Springs that I learned the story of my family, whose legacy inspired me to complete the grueling four years at USAFA and go on to make a mark in the world of business and technology.



The Stroud Leadership Academy (SLA), takes the best of what I learned from competitive sports, the Air Force Academy, management consulting -and the Stroud family legacy of character, excellence, faith and perseverance, to create a program to provide training, coaching and mentorship to underserved youth and entrepreneurs in the USA, Africa and Brazil. This leadership program takes a practical, hands-on approach to learning through a rapid “coach and do” method.

Frank Shines Stroud Leadership Academy RACE the Opera IBOC
Frank Shines Stroud Leadership Academy RACE the Opera IBOC Dec 2021

Forbes Features Stroud Leadership Academy and Guetto


Forbes Magazine featured GUETTO and the Stroud Leadership Academy (SLA) in its September 2, 2022 Enterprise Tech section.


GUETTO and SLA formed a partnership to coach and mentor Brazilian students and entrepreneurs on business and technology.

RACE the Opera Stroud Leadership Academy Marcelo Industrial Engineering Lean Six Sigma
ACE the Opera Stroud Leadership Academy Hina Graphics Design

Hina Supports Family with Graphic Design


During the pandemic, we lost our top graphic artist, Arifa. She passed away at only 25 years old due to complications during the birth of her first child, The shortage of healthcare providers and supplies contributed to her premature death.


Arifa’s sister, Hina, has stepped up, learning graphics design in order to help support her family, her parents and Arif’a’s infant daughter.  A resident of Pakistan, Hina has helped us with several client websites as well as and

SLA Helps Umer Grow Startup


Under the guidance of the Stroud Leadership Academy, Umer, a residence of Pakistan, has grown his website creation, SEO and online marketing business. In flooded and war-torn regions, he has trained and hired other family members to work in his growing startup.

He now has more business than he can handle and needs more people to help.

RACE the Opera Stroud Leadership Academy Umer Qureshi SEO IT Tech

Giveback: Sandra Harry, Creusa Nhanga


Sandra Harry of the Six Sigma Management Institute and Angola TV Host and B2B Entrepreneur, Creusa Nhanga, partner with Stroud Leadership Academy to train future and current leaders in underrepresented communities of the USA, Africa and Brazil

Race the Opera Stroud Leadership Academy

Dolphus Outruns Same Field that Beat Him


In June of 1928, Dolphus Stroud won the qualifying race for the Olympic Trials at Harvard Stadium near Boston. But he was denied travel and funding because of his color. Undaunted, he walked, ran and hitch-hiked for six days, 2,000 miles just to compete. He arrived six hours before the race. RACE the Opera tells the full story.


On Sunday June 1, 1930, two years after collapsing from malnutrition and exhaustion at the 1928 Olympic Trials, my grandfather Tandy and his brother Dolphus outpaced those who beat Dolphus in 1928.


This time Dolphus did not have to run, walk and hitchhike 2,000 miles across 1928 de facto segregated America because he was not allowed to ride the train with the white athletes.


Imagine if people of all genders, religions, races, ethnicities, economic and social class had an equal place at the starting line.


In honor of the Stroud family legacy, RACE gives back to underserved communities in the USA, Africa and Brazil through the Stroud Leadership Academy.

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