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Imagine a world where everyone had an equal place at the starting line.


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The Stroud Family Legacy: Courage, Faith and Perseverance


The first generation out of slavery, Dolphus Stroud and his 10 siblings gave back to their communities and invested in future generations.


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“Race” Helps Umer Grow Startup


Under the guidance of the Stroud Academy, Umer, a residence of Pakistan, has grown his website creation and online marketing business. In war-torn regions, he has trained and hired other family members to work in his growing startup.

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Dolphus Outruns Same Field that Beat Him


I’m Frank (Stroud) Shines.


On Sunday June 1, 1930, two years after collapsing from malnutrition and exhaustion at the 1928 Olympic Trials, my grandfather Tandy and his brother Dolphus outpaced those who beat Dolphus in 1928.


This time Dolphus did not have to run, walk and hitchhike 2,000 miles across 1928 de facto segregated America because he was not allowed to ride the train with the white athletes.


Imagine if people of all genders, religions, races, ethnicities, economic and social class had an equal place at the starting line.


In honor of my grandfather Tandy, my great uncle Dolphus (both star scholar-athletes), and their parents and siblings, RACE gives back to underserved communities in the USA, Angola, Ghana and Brazil through the Stroud Leadership Academy.

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